This is sensational writing… Challenging the current stand point on a key social issue.


By now you already know I’m against all forms of violence in society. I have been very vocal about those perpetrated against women and girls in particular, because as Maya Angelou put it, “I’ve been female for a long time now. It would be stupid not to be on my own side.” My younger brother Kyle while telling me how his day was yesterday was excited to report how yesterday’s paper had a whole tribute kind of column about feminism (in his words, “ for lack of a better word”) and how he wished I could read it with him. Kyle is nineteen and has first-hand experience with my daily rants as he has heard it all for most of his life.

Today, however, let’s talk about a different more under-discussed nature of violence; the one perpetrated against children by step parents. The family is believed sacred and…

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A Tale of Two Monkeys.

"Legend has it, there were two chaps. Born to different mothers, raised by families different too but that seems so long ago because they remember naught a time they were apart. Friends turned brothers." Two years ago, those were my sentiments. I really thought friendship was the 'BombdiggidyFresh'. That once a bond is forged it … Continue reading A Tale of Two Monkeys.

Free woman

Because it’s an interesting perspective


Freedom is a word that left a sort of swayish high in her head the same way she thought she would feel when his lips parted with hers, it’s a word she longed to touch, to breathe, to see, have and live..see there are all these chains around her,tags of imperfections impressed upon her by her accusers.

Now, when her mind is clear as day, is when she sees the beauty that is every woman. She who is shaped like the Conga drums, whose hips sway naturally as she moves, or her whose shape is like the flute, in the hands of he who is an expert,who holds his instrument right and presses each button with precision, resonates with a melody matching the Conga beat….or what about her whose ample bossom is like twin saxophones,which when played right produces music that breathes passion to the lovers ears…each woman,sculptured in her…

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Kill Me Quick

Interesting dimension. Now this is not just writing but an art as well…



Boy from a flood plain….
You flood my mind,  day and night. I close my eyes and you are there waiting on the other side of my eye lids to haunt my slumbering
You twist my thoughts and I don’t know what to believe when your words and phrases can’t match your doing
I must be insane yet again to fall into another fleeting cauldron mystique . Yours is bigger though,  more mystery.. More uncertainty.. You are wrecking my nerves.
How can’t I let you go when the signs are so many.. Same old shit.. B.S for … This heart of mine.. This  weak loving heart of mine will be the death of me.


So kill me quick
Put me out of my misery.  Don’t drown my interest slowly and steadily…. waiting for me to give up fighting…. to let my life line go.
Look for your black dagger flood…

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