Modern Day Romance

If only this were easy
If only this were easy

“Hitch: Never lie, steal, cheat or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

How romantic. Those words; definitely not mine. Not that I don’t have my fair share of charm about me. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard them too. Or something to that effect. Such quotes are common place in romantic motion pictures the world over. It’s funny how easy it is. At least that’s the misguided notion propagated by the movies we watch. That in just about two hours; two unsuspecting people find each other, go out for one or two dates, fall in love staring into each others eyes and live happily ever after. You never get to see the frustrating unreplied messages when she plays hard to get. Or what exactly is discussed during so said dates that is the key to love and romance. And trust me, it would be tough luck to actually manage to include that “romantic” passage in a conversation, I’ve tried. That was awkward. So watching romantic flicks, as numerous as they are is not the answer. What is then?

Living in a time when Google is the omniscient master of knowledge and the answer to all. Yeah if you haven’t tried go right ahead. And sure as I hobble on ten toes, Google does not disappoint. The answer is right there. There’s thousands of entries. However no one ever tells you that Google is not a sentient being but a collection of opinions from mortal men no different from you or I. Maybe you’ll get lucky and actually learn something that works. Most of the posts still believe that charm is the way to go and they even offer numbered steps. Fool proof they say. Ha! It would be just as easy to apply Calculus in our day to day lives.

Well, their hearts may be in the right place but there’s no one path to what you’re looking for. The destination may be the same but human beings are different. Each of them intimate. So the road will never be the same. And most of all, as things stand if you were not born in Great Britain or pursuing a degree in the English language, Shakespeare is not the go to guy anymore. Sticking to well structured articulate conversation greatly narrows down your selection pool from thousands to maybe ten if you’re living in a metropolis. Forget what the movies say, leave the English to application letters and save Google for that overdue assignment.

As things stand I am no guru nor do I know how to contact cupid. But I can tell you in my quest to upgrade from my senior bachelorhood, I tried them all. And the answer is so simple it should be put right up there with 1+1 is equal to two. Exercise patience, not every one who comes by is worth your time and effort. Be brave enough to say hi when that person comes by. Your confidence goes a long way and most of all your honesty.

I spent much too long perfecting an art. So much so I consider myself charming, debonair and suave. Big words that get you nowhere real quick. It is not an art but persons, It is not a conquest but a connection. Speak not to be heard but to be understood. Above all listen. Give more ear and less lip. In the end you’ll get more of the latter 😉

Yes I’m just another post you can search up on Google but like you, I’m trying. And every fail is a step in the right direction.


23 thoughts on “Modern Day Romance

      1. Ranft never thought I would ever get good advice from you especially after kmf-kisumu lol!but you’ve surprised me,nice piece.


  1. I think I just got a new mantra …
    give more ear and less lip… in the end you’ll get more of the latter !!!
    I’ll jinkx it…


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